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January 04, 2011


Thanks Debsotware,

Your opinion is shared by many. This forum will help us enlighten and engage people to learn more about philanthropy. But, more importantly, to take action so that change can happen. I hope this blog will expand people's horizons in terms of philanthropy. I look forward to hearing from you again.

Thanks for this insight. You are so right. We have to start at home by telling our kids about philanthropy, and perhaps what they could do to raise money and support a cause that is important to them. I hope that this forum will help by providing good information, and encourage people to talk to youth about how important philanthropy is, even for young people. I look forward to hearing about your discussion with young people. I'm sure it will help others.

Thanks so much for your great comments! Yes, this forum is great. And, it shows that this is a topic that people want to talk about or at least a place to obtain new information. Also, thanks for you support and for the articles you send me. This way I can share the information with my readers and keep this conversation going. Looking forward to your next post and comments.

I'm glad you have a venue to talk about African American philanthropy. Hopefully, this will help to legitimize this issue, and the United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland, in the eyes of African Americans and help them see the relationship between black philanthropy and self-sufficiency.

I think the hands on experience is the best way to get out there, it has a more impactful way of changing peoples lives. If there are donations involved, one can feel more accomplished for what they are doing, both giver and receiver.

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