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November 14, 2011


Hi Kim S.,

Thanks for the comment.

Love the Civic Commons! What I am talking about is bigger than any single organization, but gives our crown jewels, like the Civic Commons, another place to shine.

For example, one of the topics we could take on is civic engagement. Every nonprofit has a stake in that and something to say about it. We have so many interesting things going on,we should work together to talk them up.

Are you familiar with Blog Action Day? My idea comes from that, so not original by any means. If we were to attempt something like this (and this was just an idea), we would need a platform for making it go...


Thanks for the comment IscCleveland!

Solidarity is a good word. My goal was not to step on the toes of any single organization considered a leader in a particular mission space, but to join together to amplify the conversation and broadcast our collective efforts to the world, each from our own unique point of view. This could tell the story of what's happening here in a new and interesting way.

What you're describing sounds a bit like what's happening on As an example, one of the current "conversations" underway at the "commons" relates to public health and how our community deals with the inequities that have an adverse impact on so many people within our community. That conversation is taking place at but there are many others as well.

I think it's a good idea to have a daily focus on individual issues to keep things from getting vague or uninteresting for followers.

NEO nonprofits can definitely trend a topic if there is coordination and followers can get involved in some way. I don't know Twitter formulas on frequency/sum, but a concentrated effort would show some inspiring NEO solidarity even if nothing trends.

Hi Andy:

Thanks for the comment. My thought was to highlight Northeast Ohio (NEO) by "taking on" a whole field for a day. The aim would be to "trend" a topic on Twitter and Facebook. Examples of topics we could take on: hunger, jobs, health, innovation, etc. What are the "big bucket" items for NEO that everyone should be talking about and that we could frame a convo around for the rest of the world? It has the potential to put NEO out there in a different way, bring nonprofits together, and, it could be fun!

--Cindy B

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