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August 29, 2013


Dear Celeste,

Social entrepreneurism is truly the key to charitable giving. Working on people and their personal assets to help them be the best they can be to promote answers for themselves and others. Having someone just donate funds for programs will only patch the problems of self-development. Resiliency theory states we can help others find the treasures inside themselves or obtain new ones where they can decide where their talents/assets are placed and utilized for wealth promotion. Our Treu-Mart Fellowship has premise in this; I was doing this work before the fellowship, but now promote it more enthusiastically!! I don't take money from any entities that tell me what programs I can run, my talents and assets along with other colleagues' tell us where to place programming!! Buffet and others are waking up...thank God!! Let everyone find the jewels inside of themselves that they can mine from the Creator who knows what he has placed inside of us and why!! Good mining to everyone!!! Love ...Dorcus!!

Thank you Tina. Glad that the article provided you with a different perspective that you can apply to your work.

Keep reading! I enjoy the comments.

Celeste, great article. Helps to understand things from the national perspective.
Tina Milano

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